Welcome to Smoldering Children RPG! We are an American Horror Story roleplay set to take place toward the beginning of season one.

Our story follows the Harmon family, as they uproot from their home and their memories in Boston, to seek a new start in sunny California, where horror and tragedy awaits at their new residence.

Will the more malevolent spirits trapped within the walls of the LA Victorian, famously known as The Murder House, take their pound of flesh from the unsuspecting tenants? What new faces will emerge and how will the rest of the house bound souls react to the newly gained living company?

It is up to the players to decide their fates this time around.

Lost Souls
Nov 2nd | 1 note

Important Announcement

Hi guys, Admin Mandy (Violet) here. The other admin (Coco) and I have decided that it’s time to call it quits on this role play. Those of you who are still around we LOVE you and are so disappointed that this RP didn’t get as big as it should have, but it’s time to move on to other things. I hope you all had fun while it lasted; I know I did, and I hope to role play with you guys again someday :)

I actually run another AHS RP. It’s AU in the 90s, but there are so many open canon and oc characters to choose from, if you’re looking for another role play. For those interested it’s Smells Like Teen Spirits.

Once again, I am so sorry it had to come to an end like this, but it’s what needs to happen. We gave this RP so many chances, and it hasn’t worked out as we hoped.

Oct 24th

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Oct 22nd

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Sorry, guys. Hopefully there will be no more Tate confusion!

Oct 22nd

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Oct 21st
Anonymous: if chloe and moira and tate are taken how come they're not on the follow list?

They are now :)

Oct 21st

Alright people!

It would be really cool if everybody could promote this if they know any AHS fans looking for an RP! Let’s show people how good we are!

-Admin Coco

Oct 21st
patriasmarblelover: Moira~

Follow this sexy redhead!

Oct 21st

Gina Nordemstein | 16 | Alive | Ellen Page | OC | Open

Gina is your average indie kid, yet still doesn’t quite fit in Westfield high’s outsider crowd. ”Even they are stereotypes”. She’s used to being bullied at school and doesn’t even notice it anymore, figuring once she’ll be outta there,they will be the ones left behind. So she works her ass off, spending every free time she gets studying, alone.

When she first saw Violet, Gina felt something stir deep down inside her, a feeling she never had felt for anyone before – any boy at least, even when she was supposed to. She decided to do anything to get closer to the girl, even if that meant pretending her feelings were simple friendship…

Oct 21st

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Oct 21st

Moïra Audition accepted! Please make your account and send it in!

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