Welcome to Smoldering Children RPG! We are an American Horror Story roleplay set to take place toward the beginning of season one.

Our story follows the Harmon family, as they uproot from their home and their memories in Boston, to seek a new start in sunny California, where horror and tragedy awaits at their new residence.

Will the more malevolent spirits trapped within the walls of the LA Victorian, famously known as The Murder House, take their pound of flesh from the unsuspecting tenants? What new faces will emerge and how will the rest of the house bound souls react to the newly gained living company?

It is up to the players to decide their fates this time around.

Lost Souls
Sep 23rd | 9 notes

Billie Dean Howard | 35 | Sarah Paulson | Alive | Canon | Open

Billie Dean is a very sophisticated woman Constance met on Craig’s List while searching for psychic. Her gift allows her to feel, hear and speak to the dead, even after thay passed over. As years pass, Billie becomes friends with Constance, helping her communicate with the spirits within the Murder House. 

She never felt at ease in the House and probably never will, her power making the hate, sadness and regret of it’s ghosts almost unbearable to her.